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Titre: Releases of December 2018 and Kickstarter
Posté par: HGF Team le 08 Décembre 2018 à 16:36:35

Hello dear survivors !

As you may have noticed, our ArenaBots campaign has not reached its funding threshold much to our regret. This game from the Eden universe will not emerged !

But the team doesn't give up and offers you a new Kickstarter campaign in a new form for us. It will be a very short Kickstarter campaign of only 5 days that will allow us to fund the new faction and deliver it in the most short time!

This campaign will be launched on Monday 10 and will last 5 days. It will include the starter of the sagaariens, a new faction in the Eden universe at the price of 39 euros.

We will propose Stretch goals which allow you to have among others things: a game poster of 60x60cm, cardboard decorations and resin bases to thank you for your participation! These rather simple Stretch goals allow us a viable project, quickly shipable to avoid every classical osbtacles.

We do not forget our retailers who will get a specific offer with the usual conditions.

Finally the first 100 pledgers (having completed their pledge manager in time at the end of the campaign) will see their contributions sent no later than the December 19th. We hope they will be delivered before the Christmas day. All other pledgers will receive their contributions in January.

With this project, we refocus our development on our flagship game and hope that you will like it.

Titre: Re : Releases of December 2018 and Kickstarter
Posté par: HGF Team le 12 Décembre 2018 à 17:24:48
Here information that we hope you will like :

A youtube video about the futur of eden by the game designer Pierre Joanne :

And the link to download the profils of the news starters. You can find these in the Free crads group.