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Hobby / Re : My Nephilim... and some Convoy and Jokers
« le: 08 Octobre 2015 à 10:01:05 »
Thanks for the nice feedback guys!

As for the nephilim - the ones with lots of armour, I'm happy with the colours. The ones with more flesh... I'm not so happy with them. For them, the purple is too strong.

And tattoos... hah! I would love to, but I just don't have the skill :)

Hobby / Re : My Nephilim... and some Convoy and Jokers
« le: 07 Octobre 2015 à 12:55:36 »
Managed to also polish off the Doctor. The resin water isn't dry yet (won't be so blue by the morning), but I couldn't wait.

I'm really happy with how this group looks so far (and they even look alright with my really unflattering photography).

Hobby / Re : My Nephilim... and some Convoy and Jokers
« le: 06 Octobre 2015 à 07:58:45 »
The last couple weeks have been crazy between baby and work. Finally managed to get some more painting down, however...

The mighty Otto of the Convoy.

This is my first attempt, basically ever, painting white. It is also my first attempt using the blood technical paint. I'm really happy with the blood and mostly happy with the white. I should also say, although Otto is dark skinned I just got a white skin that I was happy with, so I'm not too keen to experiment there. For now the convoy will lack for racial diversity.

Hobby / Re : My Nephilim... and some Convoy and Jokers
« le: 27 Août 2015 à 01:18:08 »
Hi guys,

Finally got this guy finished off. Very happy with him. The iPhone just doesn't do him justice - I really think the Convoy are going to look awesome.

Hobby / Re : My Nephilim... and some Convoy and Jokers
« le: 25 Août 2015 à 01:56:51 »
Hey guys,

Fiiiiiinally some more progress. Started work on the Convoy. Here's Jurgen - the first image is how he looked after one session and the second is after the second. I think one more good session to apply some more highlights (especially to the brown) and finish off the base.

I'd love to have the finished product to show off tomorrow...!

General / Re : Activations & Interrupts
« le: 23 Août 2015 à 03:17:42 »
We played correctly. In this case I think my explanation was lacking hah.

But I will admit, I understood where Enigma was coming from with his interpretation of the rules. I'm glad we were playing that one right - a few things we've had wrong for a long time :)

General / Re : Placement within 5cm
« le: 13 Août 2015 à 03:36:02 »
This is never clarified in the rules. However, I believe that it means any part of base - although for things like tunnels we usually play it as per the rules for placing templates: pick the point within and centre the model on that. That isn't in the rules at all, but it creates less arguments than "well, 1mm of the base is within". 

If you compare it to the wording on deployment, you have to strictly adhere to the deploy zones because the rules use different language: "or more from".

This could absolutely be one of those things that we've been playing incorrectly, however! Keen to hear from one of the French tournament players.

Hobby / Re : My Nephilim... and some Convoy and Jokers
« le: 12 Août 2015 à 13:21:06 »
And I've wrapped up the three Nephs for the pledge... there's a couple more Nephs that I'd like to paint, but the main one is going to require some thought because I'll need to cut him up a bit I think. So... onto the Convoy. I'll try get the undercoats down tomorrow when I get home from work. If little man cooperates I might even get the chance to rebase those clowns too...!

I have to say, I had been putting painting Yg'Faris off for a while... I'm glad I started this diary and gave it a bash. I'm quite happy with how he turned out. 

Stay tuned!

Hobby / Re : My Nephilim... and some Convoy and Jokers
« le: 10 Août 2015 à 00:39:17 »
This diary has been really great in terms of motivation. With little man I don't get reliable hobby time but I've been motivated to set myself up so I'm ready to steal short bursts here and there around his naps.

He had his shots on Friday though, so this weekend poor kid was just tuckered out and I managed to get in two good sessions. Got all the base colors and most of the first washes down on the last two pledged Nephilim models. Hoping to get the purple wash down tonight (too many grizzles last night heh) - anything more would be a bonus. Will be on to the Convoy in the next couple days I reckon!

Hobby / Re : My Nephilim... and some Convoy and Jokers
« le: 08 Août 2015 à 08:59:42 »

Another update - finished Ar'Gamon. I will admit that after he got exploded I wasn't as into painting him... but I'm happy enough with him. He definitely looks like he's been brushing his teeth - even in real life it is too bright, but it really shouldn't be. The shadows around the mouth are probably a little strong... I might hit it with a very thin wash to dull it down.

He looks good when he's with the squad. I'm going to try and get the basecoat down on the Convoy this weekend - I'll try and finish off the last two Nephilim from my pledge this week.

I think I need to use a real camera and maybe take from a little further away. The close shots are unkind :P

News / Game day and demos: Good Games Melbourne (Australia)
« le: 06 Août 2015 à 01:03:12 »
Hey guys,

We're getting together to play some games of Eden on the 22nd of August at Good Games Melbourne. We've normally been over at the Box Hill store, so please take note of the different venue - hopefully the alternate venue will allow some others to make it along  ;)

August 22nd, Good Games Melbourne, 2pm-5pm.

About a half dozen of us should be there playing some games (1v1 and multiplayer). We'll also be ready to demo for anyone new who shows up, so please come along and check us out.

There's the Facebook event. Some of us might be getting down earlier than advertised, so please join the event page if you want to keep an eye on any unofficial early starts...

Also, join the Facebook page. Even if you can't make this one, tell us when and where you can and we'll try tee something up smile.gif

Let me know if you can come along. No need to bring anything unless you've already got an Eden force. Flick me a PM or ask here if you've got any questions. Hope to see some new faces!

Gangs of Jokers / Expanding the starter: Jokers
« le: 05 Août 2015 à 13:06:01 »
Well, it has taken me a little longer than expected... part two of the series.

What is in the Jokers starter
In my opinion, the Jokers starter is a little outdated and could do with a review. It is by no means weak, but it is a little old and, personally, I don’t think it represents the playstyle of the Jokers faction terribly well. It is comprised of Vladd, Yuri, Ievgeni, Anton and Elenia – none of whom are “auto-includes” for the Jokers.
Overall, the starter is characterised by low speed and low PSI values. It can struggle to pick the fights it wants and it is vulnerable to fear markers. Compared to other starters the Jokers have some good harassment, the ability to punch through armour and have an activation advantage. Vladd and Yuri are both very dangerous models and can cause a lot of problems for other starters.
Vladd is a really interesting piece and is very important to the success of this group. He’s very expensive and hits very hard, despite not being all that tough with only 4 VIG. His flamer allows him to threaten armoured opponents and pick off heavily wounded opponents. He also has a very strange mobility – Vindictive doesn’t allow him to move further for objectives, but it will help him pick fights by extending his threat range. Good use of tactics cards and his abilities should allow him to take someone out of the game unanswered.
Yuri is the natural leader of the starter. His 4 PSI is the best in the starter and he’s fairly hard to remove between his 5 SPD and his Dodge ability. His shooting is among the most powerful available in the game. Generally speaking, you’ll want to activate Yuri late in the turn to maximise your ability to Dodge and to maintain the threat of Molotov Cocktail. Being able to credibly go last and then first means that it is quite possible to put a lot of damage down on a specific target. The Molotov is also particularly important to leveraging this starter. Going late in the turn makes it harder for enemy units to get the burn markers off before they deal damage, but more importantly, the Molotov has a couple important interactions. First, when expanding the force, burn markers work really well with Yuri and Bogdana’s abilities that reduce enemy VIG. Second, the Molotov is really useful to take off heavily wounded models – if an enemy model survives on 1 CP the Molotov is the most reliable way to remove them.
Ievgeni is one of the coolest models in the starter but is generally maligned. He suffers from two big weaknesses: 3 speed and 1 PSI. The low speed makes it hard for Ievgeni to pick fights and the 1 PSI means that despite the considerable investment he contributes very little to your SP totals: including Ievgeni dramatically reduces your ability to play cards and abilities. Having said that, he can improve to 6 VIG – and if he does so, he becomes incredibly sturdy.
Anton and Elenia are both chaff pieces. Anton hits harder, whereas Elenia has a very weak, short ranged shooting attack. Again, they suffer from low speed values and this can make it hard for them to contribute to the fights they want to be involved in. Still, cheap units are generally useful pieces as they can hunt for objectives for little investment. Anton also happens to be one of my favourite models, for what that’s worth.
What one piece will add the most to the starter
It is very likely that as you delve into the Jokers that your lists won’t include any of the starter models (although I play Yuri an awful lot). The Jokers are spoiled for choice in terms of different strategies and powerful pieces – for example, the “menagerie” lists tend to rely on powerful Joker profiles such as Boris, Grusha and Tsar. However, if we’re looking for bang for buck in terms of upgrading our starter, our best bet is to look at swapping Ievgeni out.
I think there are two options that are equally good, and so I’ll present those here. Replacing Ievgeni at 20 points, I’d recommend either Bogdana or Vassiliev.
Bogdana is probably the piece I’d recommend most highly, I suspect. She’s generally useful across any future Joker list you’ll make (she’ll often even find herself in “menagerie” lists) and she also interacts well with the starter pieces in a number of ways. For starters, she adds one more PSI to your list overall – very small, but it all helps. Second, her 5 speed gives a lot more flexibility to your activations – she’ll often be able to activate early in the turn. Her abilities are also really helpful: her once off slowdown markers and smoke are both situationally excellent in terms of forcing enemies to disengage while her ability to spread poison markers is exceptionally powerful. The poison markers work with this starter in three very important respects: increasing the damage caused by burn markers, lowering enemy SPD to help pick fights and also giving double benefit to shooting attacks (making them easier to hit and also increasing their damage). She’s probably the closest you’ll find in the Jokers to an “autoinclude”.
The other option I really like is Vassiliev. He’s far less potent than Bogdana but, nonetheless, he adds a lot to the starter and is a generally very useful profile. He’s a good alternative leader and adds an extra 3 SP over Ievgeni to the composition. He is another 5 speed Joker and his unicycle combined with Agile makes him very survivable – he’s very likely tougher than Ievgeni, especially since he’s more able to choose where he wants to be. The real strength of his profile is in his extra movement speed. He’s about the best model in the faction for completing objectives. He adds a lot to the starter by expanding the types of missions the composition can achieve – and his large threat range is the same as Vladd’s, allowing the two clowns to gang up on targets in the enemy backline.
And then what…
The Jokers are spoiled for choice for further expansion.  Yorg is excellent when paired with Bogdana and any sources of burn markers. Ma is also generally rather strong and pairs well with Yuri specifically by making his shooting rather more effective. Meanwhile, “menagerie” lists built around Grusha, Tsar and Boris are very powerful and very popular (sometimes going “full” menagerie by taking Mishka and Mikhail and other times replacing those profiles for the more flexible Bogdana and Vassiliev). In that latter case, however, you won’t find much use for the starter models.
 I hope this helps!

Hobby / Re : My Nephilim... and some Convoy and Jokers
« le: 05 Août 2015 à 00:56:39 »
Hey friends - very small update here. I was further along but poor Ar'Gamon ran afoul of my wife - she accidently knocked him off my desk and... well... start again. Ouch.

So, I've managed to get base colours and first washes down so far.

The picture doesn't really show it (and it was better the first time), but the deep purple looks really nice at this step. I'm wondering if I wouldn't get a better finish by putting some edge highlights on at this step and calling it done. That'd mean redoing all the others though...

Maybe two more sessions and it'll be finished I think! Should be done by the end of the week, which wouldn't be a bad start to my diary.

Hobby / My Nephilim... and some Convoy and Jokers
« le: 02 Août 2015 à 00:55:51 »
Hey dudes,

I've been meaning to do this for a while - this is a little hobby diary to help inspire myself to paint and keep the hobby juices flowing. Now, I'm no where near as good as most of the dudes that post to this forum - but I'm hoping that I can put good tabletop quality pieces down and also that I can improve slowly. I'm using an iPhone camera so I'll also say that they generally look better in the flesh than in the photos...

Anyway, this thread is the result of our little group encouragement thing we're doing on our facebook page -

I've pledged myself to paint my Nephilim (I've already hit them with the spray and I did a real simple weapon swap on the middle guy):

And these four Convoy (I replaced Otto's foot so he could stand on the treestump - was thinking about a headswap for Carsten, which would remove that cloak... was thinking about trying a GW hairy head maybe...):

I'm also going to rebase some of my jokers that are based a little differently to the rest of my clowns:

Otherwise, I've been working on the Nephs recently and just finished off one of the leader figures (just removed his silly weapon though). I thought I'd include some WIP shots, as well as the finished version (along with a couple of his mates too)... otherwise this would be a post with a bunch of bare models...

The GW technical paint - this one didn't work out as well as the others I've tried, but it does get such a good effect.

His wrist weapon really doesn't look so purple in real life...

His posse, so far:


Hopefully I'll have some progress to show in the next couple days :)

News / Re : Summer Competition - Creation of a multiplayer mission
« le: 27 Juillet 2015 à 12:35:14 »
Alright... not written in perfect rules language, but I think the idea is interesting!


Place 1 terminal marker 10cm from the center of the table along the diagonal line. Place another terminal marker opposite the first marker, at least 20 cm away. Then, divide the field into 9 equal zones and place one Zone marker into each zone.

All fighters on the field get the following ability:
Activate Terminal (2AP/1 round)
A fighter in contact with a terminal marker may attempt to activate the terminal. This fighter selects one Zone marker and makes a difficulty 5 PSI roll. If this roll is unsuccessful all fighters in contact with this terminal marker take one wound in the head, ignoring protections and gains a Slowdown Marker. If the roll is a success, remove the chosen Zone marker from the field and choose one of the following effects:
1 - Centre a Contaminated Zone card where the marker was previously located as per the tactical card
2 - Place a blast marker centred on the Zone marker. Fighters under the blast take an Explosive (2)/Burn 1
3 - Replace the Zone marker with a Security Bot NPF

At the end of the game, score 20 points for each Zone marker removed from the field by an allied fighter's Activate Terminal action.

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