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Bamaka Clan / Large Belly special rule arcane guardian
« le: 18 Mai 2017 à 21:17:34 »
Good to hear. Its no fun if a army has a autoinclude because a miniature is too hard.

Bamaka Clan / Large Belly special rule arcane guardian
« le: 15 Mai 2017 à 18:33:37 »
Ok thats realy hard. I guess LB is a autoinclude in each bamaka list, because he is realy hard to kill and with him the shamans are immune to poisen and rage etc in terms of VIG.

I am thinking about starting bamaka too  ;)

Bamaka Clan / Large Belly special rule arcane guardian
« le: 14 Mai 2017 à 14:58:42 »
Hey a friend of mine started bamaka and we have some questions about the specialrule arcane guardian.
The rule says: all shamans within 10cm of LB have his VIG.

So what happens when a shaman receives a poisen token?
What happens when LB receives a poisen token?
What if both receive a poisen token?

Thanks for clearing this question.


General / Skill flight
« le: 02 Mai 2017 à 19:29:36 »
Any news?

The Convoy / Escort spezial rule
« le: 19 Avril 2017 à 20:05:58 »
 I have a Question about the Convoy Escort special rule. Do they really  get an SP for every Fighter that is removed from the game( including NPFs)?  It seems really strong in a multiplayer match.

thx Bernie

General / Downloads update wave !
« le: 15 Avril 2017 à 15:38:03 »
When will the cards be available?

General / Skill flight
« le: 10 Avril 2017 à 23:23:25 »
Any updates?

General / Skill flight
« le: 04 Avril 2017 à 12:11:56 »
Thanks a lot!!!

General / Skill flight
« le: 03 Avril 2017 à 23:35:31 »
I guess we will play it like you said. Makes the most sense so fare. Is there a way to ask a ''gamedesigner'' what they think how this sould be played?

Thanks btw for responding all my questions so far

General / Skill flight
« le: 03 Avril 2017 à 22:54:18 »
So this means in mission quarters the skill flight does not work???

General / Skill flight
« le: 03 Avril 2017 à 19:08:24 »

i have a question about the flight skill:

He could not ne charged or attacked exept he is not free or in basecontact with a mission objective (token or zone).

How should this be used in the multiplayergames? Mission quaters and mission alarm post (the one with the red values)???


General / Klaus and minions
« le: 01 Avril 2017 à 13:57:47 »
Thanks for the quik response *thumbsup*

General / Klaus and minions
« le: 01 Avril 2017 à 13:31:12 »
Hey i just received klaus and the minions.
The minions have the skill mischievous but the skill ends with "in contact" so i guess there is something missing...
Could someone explain the skill please?


News / Burn Out
« le: 30 Mars 2017 à 16:33:49 »
Yeah i need that!!!!! Then i can play EDEN on my Infinity table :-)
Will the kickstarter be on the eden page?

General / Tactical card support
« le: 30 Mars 2017 à 16:28:54 »
Thanks a lot!!!! I didn't notice that :-(

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