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General / Re : A couple of questions.
« le: 10 Février 2019 à 11:52:01 »
Thanks Gierulf!!!

General / A couple of questions.
« le: 10 Février 2019 à 00:57:03 »
A big salute to the great community!!!

We have a couple of questions just to be sure:

1. Can the column from the "burn" damage be changed? I.e. If a model gets three wounds from the "burn" condition in column six, is it possible for his opponent to subtract one and make two woundsin column 5?

2. Is it possible to enter in close combat via a charge action with more than one enemy miniature (and attack just one of course)?

Thanks a million guys!

General / Re : Some Burn-Out questions.
« le: 16 Juin 2018 à 20:03:27 »
It is crystal clear now!

Thanks a lot Minus!!!

General / Some Burn-Out questions.
« le: 15 Juin 2018 à 23:40:45 »
Hi guys!

The annoying Greek again with a few queries about Burn-Out.

1. When a fighter searches a crate does it remain in play so another fighter can search it again or does it go away?

2. Some offensive upgrades and equipment have no range. Does the fighter using them have to be in base to base with his opponent or is it range "infinite" (p.e. Electric Pulse Cannon)?

3. In the English version of the Scenario 2: The Abduction, I think, the first sentence of the ability "Capture" is missing.

4. In Scenario 4: Crocodiles, if a crocodile marker is in the central line of the board, do both players take 5 points?

Thanks a lot you all!!!

General / Re : Another couple of questions.
« le: 19 Janvier 2018 à 18:21:23 »
You were more than helpful!!! Thanks a lot my friend!


General / Another couple of questions.
« le: 19 Janvier 2018 à 00:21:28 »
Hello there team!

We have two more questions from our last multiplayer game (we had a blast).

1. Mercenary Alisha's ability "Crusade Minion" permits her to recruit a 10 point slave. Is this model free or do the player has to pay for its cost?

2. When can Dante's Angel Eve use her ability "Lost Innocence"? I.e. is she able to make this ability right after an opponent declares an attack against her (so he cannot choose to attack another model)?

That's all for now!

Thanks a million!!!

General / Re : Physiological Control question.
« le: 13 Décembre 2017 à 02:06:33 »
How silly of me! I have not read the Mental 3 card description right; it involves ALL Askari fighters and not only the user.

Nice!!! (in Borat style)

Thanks again guys!

General / Re : Physiological Control question.
« le: 12 Décembre 2017 à 20:08:05 »
Oh, I never tought about that!!! Unfortunately, I think, for the time being only Aicha herself has Mental 3 and she can't do the ability on herself :-( . Great idea for the future though!

Thanks a million, Minus!!! You are THE MAN!!!

General / Physiological Control question.
« le: 10 Décembre 2017 à 23:10:24 »

Our group is full of questions lately! I hope we are not tiring everyone.

Anyway, the query: Does the charge action gained by Askari Aicha's "Physiological Control" count to the maximum number of charge/attack actions made by a model each round?

Thanks in advance!!!

General / Josep & Svetlana query.
« le: 26 Novembre 2017 à 23:22:17 »
That's what I thought.

Thanks, Minus!!!

General / Josep & Svetlana query.
« le: 26 Novembre 2017 à 21:35:35 »

Our group is full of questions lately. So here it goes:

When a player recruits Josep& Svetlana does he have to pay the additional points for the two separate cards (5 points each) to include them, or are they free and their cost only mentioned for mission purposes only?

Thanks a lot in advance!

General / Another wave of questions!
« le: 31 Août 2017 à 13:28:17 »
Thanks, Minus!

General / Another wave of questions!
« le: 31 Août 2017 à 01:02:04 »
Hello every one!

Some queries from our last multiplayer game:

1. How many multiplayer missions do we have to roll for (normally 3) when we also use a special multiplayer mission in addition (p.e. Water Purifier)?

2. Can Zagan use his Frenzied Butcher ability to charge an enemy model if he already has charged this turn (thus making two charge actions)?

3. When Nabam uses his Blood Madness ability what happens first his attack or the wounds on himself?

4. In the same regard as Zagan, can the Grey Shogun make two attacks and then perform his Supreme Warlord ability as well in the same turn (thus making up to 4 attacks in total)?

5. In the tactical card Cardinal Sins can you choose freely the sin or the result is the sin of the Seraph it is applied to?

Sorry for the tidal wave of questions and thanks a million to whoever find the time to answer them!

General / Another three questions.
« le: 31 Août 2017 à 00:25:29 »

Thanks, Pantoufle!!!

General / Another three questions.
« le: 15 Août 2017 à 16:00:27 »
Thanks, Fanckem! You were crystal clear!!!

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