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Sujets - Corpuscle

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General / Wired Reflexes vs Wired Reflexes
« le: 07 Mai 2017 à 21:34:47 »
Bonjour a tout.
Can anyone explain what happens in the following situation?
Sister Kandjara charges the Carmin Onryo.
The Onryo tries to hit Kandjara first, but both fighters have Wired Reflexes.
Who hits first, the Kandjara or the Onryo?
Do we both need to perform an opposed roll instead as if neither fighter had the ability?

General / "To the opposite" query
« le: 14 Janvier 2017 à 20:11:30 »
Hi all, I have a query about the wording "to the opposite" on English language cards, "l'opposé" en Franciais  ;)
The Grey Kitsune's dodge ability and the new Joker girl's shock ability both include the wording "to the opposite". What does this mean, as in English it doesn't really make sense.
Does it mean, move X directly away from the Kitsune/Joker girl?

Matriarchy / Sister Gabrielle
« le: 13 Juillet 2015 à 21:20:02 »
Hi all, just a quick question. What size base should Gabrielle and her gimp-rickshaw be on?
The picture on the store looks like a 50mm base, but mine came with a 40mm base.

Modélisme et décors / Premiere Anglais table d'Eden
« le: 11 Janvier 2014 à 22:58:55 »
Bonjour everyone.
During November last year I built my first game table EVER!
It's a textured MDF board with movable obstacles to make it easy to change the table set-up for different scenarios and 3-4 player games.
If you have any questions on how things were made, please ask.  :)

Figurines / Les figurines de Corpuscle (ma Francais est tres mal)
« le: 18 Novembre 2013 à 23:30:00 »
Voila les plus belle photos de l'homme-rempart.

And on the gaming table...

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