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News / Game day and demos: Good Games Melbourne (Australia)
« le: 06 Août 2015 à 01:03:12 »
Hey guys,

We're getting together to play some games of Eden on the 22nd of August at Good Games Melbourne. We've normally been over at the Box Hill store, so please take note of the different venue - hopefully the alternate venue will allow some others to make it along  ;)

August 22nd, Good Games Melbourne, 2pm-5pm.

About a half dozen of us should be there playing some games (1v1 and multiplayer). We'll also be ready to demo for anyone new who shows up, so please come along and check us out.

There's the Facebook event. Some of us might be getting down earlier than advertised, so please join the event page if you want to keep an eye on any unofficial early starts...

Also, join the Facebook page. Even if you can't make this one, tell us when and where you can and we'll try tee something up smile.gif

Let me know if you can come along. No need to bring anything unless you've already got an Eden force. Flick me a PM or ask here if you've got any questions. Hope to see some new faces!

Gangs of Jokers / Expanding the starter: Jokers
« le: 05 Août 2015 à 13:06:01 »
Well, it has taken me a little longer than expected... part two of the series.

What is in the Jokers starter
In my opinion, the Jokers starter is a little outdated and could do with a review. It is by no means weak, but it is a little old and, personally, I don’t think it represents the playstyle of the Jokers faction terribly well. It is comprised of Vladd, Yuri, Ievgeni, Anton and Elenia – none of whom are “auto-includes” for the Jokers.
Overall, the starter is characterised by low speed and low PSI values. It can struggle to pick the fights it wants and it is vulnerable to fear markers. Compared to other starters the Jokers have some good harassment, the ability to punch through armour and have an activation advantage. Vladd and Yuri are both very dangerous models and can cause a lot of problems for other starters.
Vladd is a really interesting piece and is very important to the success of this group. He’s very expensive and hits very hard, despite not being all that tough with only 4 VIG. His flamer allows him to threaten armoured opponents and pick off heavily wounded opponents. He also has a very strange mobility – Vindictive doesn’t allow him to move further for objectives, but it will help him pick fights by extending his threat range. Good use of tactics cards and his abilities should allow him to take someone out of the game unanswered.
Yuri is the natural leader of the starter. His 4 PSI is the best in the starter and he’s fairly hard to remove between his 5 SPD and his Dodge ability. His shooting is among the most powerful available in the game. Generally speaking, you’ll want to activate Yuri late in the turn to maximise your ability to Dodge and to maintain the threat of Molotov Cocktail. Being able to credibly go last and then first means that it is quite possible to put a lot of damage down on a specific target. The Molotov is also particularly important to leveraging this starter. Going late in the turn makes it harder for enemy units to get the burn markers off before they deal damage, but more importantly, the Molotov has a couple important interactions. First, when expanding the force, burn markers work really well with Yuri and Bogdana’s abilities that reduce enemy VIG. Second, the Molotov is really useful to take off heavily wounded models – if an enemy model survives on 1 CP the Molotov is the most reliable way to remove them.
Ievgeni is one of the coolest models in the starter but is generally maligned. He suffers from two big weaknesses: 3 speed and 1 PSI. The low speed makes it hard for Ievgeni to pick fights and the 1 PSI means that despite the considerable investment he contributes very little to your SP totals: including Ievgeni dramatically reduces your ability to play cards and abilities. Having said that, he can improve to 6 VIG – and if he does so, he becomes incredibly sturdy.
Anton and Elenia are both chaff pieces. Anton hits harder, whereas Elenia has a very weak, short ranged shooting attack. Again, they suffer from low speed values and this can make it hard for them to contribute to the fights they want to be involved in. Still, cheap units are generally useful pieces as they can hunt for objectives for little investment. Anton also happens to be one of my favourite models, for what that’s worth.
What one piece will add the most to the starter
It is very likely that as you delve into the Jokers that your lists won’t include any of the starter models (although I play Yuri an awful lot). The Jokers are spoiled for choice in terms of different strategies and powerful pieces – for example, the “menagerie” lists tend to rely on powerful Joker profiles such as Boris, Grusha and Tsar. However, if we’re looking for bang for buck in terms of upgrading our starter, our best bet is to look at swapping Ievgeni out.
I think there are two options that are equally good, and so I’ll present those here. Replacing Ievgeni at 20 points, I’d recommend either Bogdana or Vassiliev.
Bogdana is probably the piece I’d recommend most highly, I suspect. She’s generally useful across any future Joker list you’ll make (she’ll often even find herself in “menagerie” lists) and she also interacts well with the starter pieces in a number of ways. For starters, she adds one more PSI to your list overall – very small, but it all helps. Second, her 5 speed gives a lot more flexibility to your activations – she’ll often be able to activate early in the turn. Her abilities are also really helpful: her once off slowdown markers and smoke are both situationally excellent in terms of forcing enemies to disengage while her ability to spread poison markers is exceptionally powerful. The poison markers work with this starter in three very important respects: increasing the damage caused by burn markers, lowering enemy SPD to help pick fights and also giving double benefit to shooting attacks (making them easier to hit and also increasing their damage). She’s probably the closest you’ll find in the Jokers to an “autoinclude”.
The other option I really like is Vassiliev. He’s far less potent than Bogdana but, nonetheless, he adds a lot to the starter and is a generally very useful profile. He’s a good alternative leader and adds an extra 3 SP over Ievgeni to the composition. He is another 5 speed Joker and his unicycle combined with Agile makes him very survivable – he’s very likely tougher than Ievgeni, especially since he’s more able to choose where he wants to be. The real strength of his profile is in his extra movement speed. He’s about the best model in the faction for completing objectives. He adds a lot to the starter by expanding the types of missions the composition can achieve – and his large threat range is the same as Vladd’s, allowing the two clowns to gang up on targets in the enemy backline.
And then what…
The Jokers are spoiled for choice for further expansion.  Yorg is excellent when paired with Bogdana and any sources of burn markers. Ma is also generally rather strong and pairs well with Yuri specifically by making his shooting rather more effective. Meanwhile, “menagerie” lists built around Grusha, Tsar and Boris are very powerful and very popular (sometimes going “full” menagerie by taking Mishka and Mikhail and other times replacing those profiles for the more flexible Bogdana and Vassiliev). In that latter case, however, you won’t find much use for the starter models.
 I hope this helps!

Hobby / My Nephilim... and some Convoy and Jokers
« le: 02 Août 2015 à 00:55:51 »
Hey dudes,

I've been meaning to do this for a while - this is a little hobby diary to help inspire myself to paint and keep the hobby juices flowing. Now, I'm no where near as good as most of the dudes that post to this forum - but I'm hoping that I can put good tabletop quality pieces down and also that I can improve slowly. I'm using an iPhone camera so I'll also say that they generally look better in the flesh than in the photos...

Anyway, this thread is the result of our little group encouragement thing we're doing on our facebook page -

I've pledged myself to paint my Nephilim (I've already hit them with the spray and I did a real simple weapon swap on the middle guy):

And these four Convoy (I replaced Otto's foot so he could stand on the treestump - was thinking about a headswap for Carsten, which would remove that cloak... was thinking about trying a GW hairy head maybe...):

I'm also going to rebase some of my jokers that are based a little differently to the rest of my clowns:

Otherwise, I've been working on the Nephs recently and just finished off one of the leader figures (just removed his silly weapon though). I thought I'd include some WIP shots, as well as the finished version (along with a couple of his mates too)... otherwise this would be a post with a bunch of bare models...

The GW technical paint - this one didn't work out as well as the others I've tried, but it does get such a good effect.

His wrist weapon really doesn't look so purple in real life...

His posse, so far:


Hopefully I'll have some progress to show in the next couple days :)

Hobby / Battle report - Nephilim vs Bamaka
« le: 22 Juillet 2015 à 07:47:54 »
I posted up a battle report on another forum... I've copied it here for you guys :). It is presented to an audience that hasn't played Eden before, so the descriptions might be painfully simple :):

Hey dudes,

Yesterday a mate and I got together to take some photos for a battle report. Sadly, although normally our games are really close... well... this one is not. I don't know what my mate was doing, but he made some really awful mistakes and the game was a blowout. The photos aren't great either. Nonetheless, I thought I'd post it up so people could take a look at what the game is about (even if it isn't a great example!).

We played my Nephilim against his Bamaka.

The Nephilim lineup was Yl'Tarkh, Bo'Dagun, Em'Tydoh and Hk'Hyudn. This is a really defensive lineup - dodges are doubly effective for me.

Standing against the Alien threat are the mutant Sigujana, Ngobo, Abama and Tarar. Of particular concern is Tarar who is difficult to dodge and can even disable dodges altogether. He's very dangerous.

Eden is a game about resource management. In addition to the action points accrued by fighters, each team has a small pool of strategy points to spend throughout the game. In this battle, the Nephilim have 13 to the Bamaka's 15. Pre-game and every turn thereafter you will bid SP for initiative in the turn - you'll also use the points to play tactics cards at the start of each turn (if you want) and trigger abilities.

We bid for initiative in setup - I was able to win and force my opponent to choose his mission first.

My force was led by Yl'Tarkh and Bjorn's was led by Sigujana.

My opponent chose Retreat to the Contaminated Zones. He would get points for getting his fighters to my board edge and the game would be one turn shorter. I countered by selecting Observation. This mission required me to choose to spread tokens across my opponent's fighters - when they were close enough I could try and take the markers (getting easier if they were attacking when I was close). If I could keep the markers til the end of the game, I'd cash them in for points. Observation would be strong because he couldn't avoid coming to me - the mission isn't so great if your opponent wants to run and hide... or if he can kill your dudes.

I spread the tokens a little, but mostly stack them up on Tarar. In general, I like to load tokens up on fighters that really have to participate in the battle.

The next step is to take it in turns to set up the field. We place 8 pieces on a 2x2 board - they have to be 5cm apart. My aim was to create choke points. I was really successful at this.

Then we set up. Bjorn's mission required him to set up in the 10 cm strip on his board edge, whereas my mission allows for me to arrange in a semi-circle on my half. I was able to fan out so I could block up the chokes created by the placement of the rusted out car. Ngobo stayed off the board - he's able to appear almost anywhere at the end of any turn.

Turn one was fairly uneventful. Neither of us played tactics - we just got into position. The Bamaka opted to stick together and try and push down one of the chokes. Em'Tydoh managed to observe Tarar once while Ngobo appeared behind Yl'Tarkh.

The plan here for Bjorn was to try and assassinate Yl'Tarkh - he's my leader and also grants the double dodge ability to nearby aliens. Bjorn won initiative for the turn and played Heroism on Ngobo to make his attacks more effective. I countered by playing Support on Yl'Tarkh. Normally I'd use that card to give extra toughness to one of my fighters, but in this case, I gave Yl'Tarkh extra strength. On defense, his attack strength would be seven: making him very difficult to attack.

In Eden, activations alternate between players, but models with higher speed can interrupt slower fighters. Tarkh is faster than Tarar, so he could interrupt and walk to safety if needed... but Ngobo is faster still and could interrupt Tarkh to pin him in place. The Support was my insurance against that attack - Tarkh would surely be too dangerous to attack now.

And here's where things went wrong for the Bamaka. Tarar activated and just charged into Tarkh anyway. I was able to get a lot of observations done and then I declared Reaction. In Eden, when you're attacked you can select one of three options: Passive (do nothing but take the hit), Dodge or React. Dodging and Reacting both cost one of your three actions - dodges allow you to reduce attack damage where reactions force you to challenge your opponent's roll. With a react you each roll one dice and add your combat stat - if you get higher, you get to attack. Since I had 7 combat to Tarar's 6, I was likely to cancel his attack and hit him back...

I won the roll and put enough damage onto Tarar's body to lower his toughness by one. This makes him much easier to damage in future. Ngobo then reconsidered going into Tarkh and went into Bo'Dagun. Again, however, it cost him all his AP to do so.

Meanwhile, my frontline had free access to Bjorn's backline and charged his leader. The poor positioning on Bjorn's part resulted in Sigujana being murdered and Abama being trapped in the chokepoint. The game was looking very bad for the Bamaka at this point...!

At the end of turn 2 I had 4 of my 9 observation markers. Only Hk had taken any damage - and that was pretty limited.

In turn 3 I had initiative because Bjorn's leader had died and he couldn't bid this turn. He also couldn't play cards any longer - I gave Tarkh another +1 combat for this turn with a Serum.

Bo'Dagun cut down Ngobo while Tarar faced certain death from Tarkh.

Tarar went man-mode anyway and took a shot at Tarkh. Tarkh again outmatched him in the opposed roll...

5 wounds to the arms. It wouldn't be enough... except that you can spend successes to alter the result of the location roll. I modified it by 1 to hit the body. Four wounds on the body killed the mighty Long-Strides.

And turn four, the final turn, everyone piled into Abama...

...and nabbed some more Observation markers.

At the end of the game, the Bamaka scored zero: none of the fighters made it to safety. The aliens, however, had a lot of information and had managed to get away with 6 markers for 120 points.

Sadly, not a great battle - indeed, probably the most lopsided we'd ever played. The mission countered the Bamakas, the terrain favoured me, my dice rolls were /hot/ and Bjorn made some stunningly bad decisions. In Eden it is /very/ difficult to kill models that hold AP - you generally have to overwhelm their defenses with a lot of hits. In this game, however, he served up two important pieces without action points left over. Oops!

I hope you enjoyed the report anyway. It should hopefully give a reasonable account of what the game is about and what makes it interesting!

And please, join us on facebook:

We're running a lot of demos in Melbourne - 25th July is the next!

The Hord / Making a Horde list...?
« le: 15 Juillet 2015 à 05:28:21 »
Alright, I'm stumped. Any suggestions for good Horde lists? I prefer the animals.

I can see the Butcher is solid, as is the Beast Master+Mireling "combo". I also really quite like the deep master and lycals.

I'm just not sure how to get everything into a list. The lists I've been looking at just don't seem... right.

Idea 1#
beast master
Dominant Lycal
Deep master (or dunbar/degenerate w/5VIG+chitinous hound? Or maybe butcher and only one Lycal?)
2x Lycal

Idea 2#
beast master
Chitinous Hound
Deep master

Thoughts? I do have the zombros but I'm not sure about them without Broodmaster.

Nephilims / Expanding the starter: Nephilim
« le: 03 Juillet 2015 à 11:50:54 »
In the course of introducing people to Eden, I'm often asked about what to buy - for us foreigners, especially in Australia, the shipping is high so people generally want to jump in and get free shipping. And so, it isn't unusual for new players to look at the most efficient expansions to the starters. With that in mind I thought I would write a little 'guide' for each faction (eventually) to help guide new players to make the most out of their money...

What I want to do is, for each faction, identify the 'best buys' generally and also highlight the single 'best' expansion to the starter. I'll accompany this with some discussion about the starters.

What is in the Nephilim starter

The Nephilim starter is comprised of Yg'Faris, Ar'Gamon, Yu'Silaa and Bo'Dagun. As a group, these include some great profiles but none that I'd describe as mandatory to the Nephilim. You'll definitely use these guys, but it is possible to build compositions without them too.

The starter is centred around Ar'Gamon's fearsome combat abilities. There are very few models in the game that can fight him: combined with Yg'Faris's Numerical Prayer ability, he can one round virtually any model in the game. The Nephilim also have a lot of abilities that mitigate randomness - rerolls, changing die results, etc - but in exchange they don't have any ability to inflict negative status effects on opposing fighters.

The Nephilim starter is also characterised by the low VIG values of both Yg'Faris and Yu'Silaa. These guys are very vulnerable to burns and can die fast when hit. Yg'Faris' Discrete and Perfect Defense abilities give him more staying power than VIG3 would imply, but keep him well away from anything with CBT6 (or higher - against that, both dodge and reaction aren't likely to get you out of trouble). I'd steer well clear of Moloch from the Dante's Angels also: that gun is a death sentence to VIG3 supports that rely on dodging.

All of the starter models offer something useful. Master Yg'Faris is a solid leader and has decent offensive stats - SPD5 and CBT5. He's more than capable of taking on most models, but be careful - real combat characters can hit through his dodges and when they do, it'll hurt. Numerical Prayer adds a lot of reliability to Ar'Gamon.

Bo'Dagun is another solid profile. Importantly he can instantly remove chaff with his net. Beyond that, he has solid combat stats and is able to punch through armour.

Ar'Gamon is fascinating to me because despite being among the most fearsome fighters in the game, he's often sidelined by the other big Nephilim, Hk'Hyudn. There are essentially no fighters in the game that /want/ to risk mixing it up with the big guy. The thing to be careful of is massed attacks - but with VIG5, you can play tactics like Serum to keep him safe enough for passive responses to attacks. Anything that can lower VIG or CBT, such as poison or effects that force wounded conditions, are also dangerous.

Yu'Silaa is the weak link in the starter but a perfectly playable profile. She's a shooter with a relatively weak, but long ranged weapon.  But that's not really her strength - her ability to deploy anywhere makes her good at grabbing mission objectives, especially when supported by her ability to have 6 speed when it matters. I think that there are three reasons why she's widely maligned:

1 - she's very easily killed. VIG3 is risky, especially on a piece that wants to deploy forward.
2 - she's very SP intensive. She's only adding 2 to your reserve but her abilities - the speed bonus and the location reroll - will cost you a lot very quickly if you want to make use of them. This compounds with the above: if you want to deploy her forward, safely, you need to make sure you bid aggressively in setup.
3 - for 5 points more, Ir'Klajh competes very strongly for her role. He's highly mobile, reasonably durable and with Violent Knock he can threaten the backline - something that Yu'Silaa jus can't do.

What one piece will add the most to the starter

Yu'Silaa is the piece I'd recommend replacing. That's a little awkward because the "best" Nephilim profiles don't fit in that spot. Nonetheless, she remains the best choice for replacement.

My recommendation is to replace Yu'Silaa with Master Ka'Yrkht. His profile is reasonably subtle but has a profound effect on games because of his synergy with Ar'Gamon. The key element is that Ka'Yrkht and Ar'Gamon force your opponent to make difficult choices in terms of missions. Importantly, Ka'Yrkht's TUAV ability can make it difficult for opponents to collect objectives while Ar'Gamon makes 'kill' missions very risky. He also adds three extra strategy points and Ruse allows you to play a little more freely with bids for initiative. These strategy points let you make full use of Yg'Faris' Prayer.

And then what...

The standout Nephilim profiles are Hk'Hyudn, Ir'Klajh and Yl'Tarkh.

I'd generally recommend Ir'Klajh as your next purchase as he can slot in Bo'Dagun's place - he isn't strictly an upgrade, but he will make the list play rather differently. Importantly, he can pick off or tie up support characters that threaten Ar'Gamon or Yg'Faris - Moloch again leaps to mind. A slightly above average attack with Violent Knock can conceivably one shot such a character, especially when re-rolling 1s.

Additionally, Hk'Hyudn and Yl'Tarkh are something of a 'pair': although they don't have to go together, Yl'Tarkh's ability to double dodge results makes Hk'Hyudn very hard to shift, not to mention layering defences by adding Hk'Hyudn's heals to dodges makes the whole composition tougher. I'd further recommend this order because if playing both Hk'Hyudn and Yl'Tarkh, it is easy to play overly defensively - Ir'Klajh allows you to play objective based missions and he can pick off annoying support pieces that hide in the backline.

I hope that helps! I look forward to questions, comments and feedback.

Introduction / Eden in Australia
« le: 21 Juin 2015 à 08:07:18 »
Hi all!

I'm Justin, the "Baroudeur" from Melbourne, Australia. I logged on today to find the English forum here! Awesome. Hope to see some more English language hype for this game...!

We've got a little Facebook page for Aussie players, but any other interested survivors are absolutely welcome. Come and check us out (or join in, even better!).

Hi all,

I have created a page for Australian Eden players to get together, but all are welcome. If you want to join in and just see what we're up to, please jump in :)


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