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Bamaka Clan / Large Belly special rule arcane guardian
« le: 14 Mai 2017 à 14:58:42 »
Hey a friend of mine started bamaka and we have some questions about the specialrule arcane guardian.
The rule says: all shamans within 10cm of LB have his VIG.

So what happens when a shaman receives a poisen token?
What happens when LB receives a poisen token?
What if both receive a poisen token?

Thanks for clearing this question.


The Convoy / Escort spezial rule
« le: 19 Avril 2017 à 20:05:58 »
 I have a Question about the Convoy Escort special rule. Do they really  get an SP for every Fighter that is removed from the game( including NPFs)?  It seems really strong in a multiplayer match.

thx Bernie

General / Skill flight
« le: 03 Avril 2017 à 19:08:24 »

i have a question about the flight skill:

He could not ne charged or attacked exept he is not free or in basecontact with a mission objective (token or zone).

How should this be used in the multiplayergames? Mission quaters and mission alarm post (the one with the red values)???


General / Klaus and minions
« le: 01 Avril 2017 à 13:31:12 »
Hey i just received klaus and the minions.
The minions have the skill mischievous but the skill ends with "in contact" so i guess there is something missing...
Could someone explain the skill please?


General / Tactical card support
« le: 29 Mars 2017 à 18:37:44 »
Hey i have a question about the tactucal card support.
The card says:
Select an allied fighter. As long as this fighter is located 5 cm or less from an other allied fighter, he will get, until the end of his next activation, a +1 vig bonus.

So the question is, does this last only until the end of the round if you don't activate it? Or could you make it work for longer?
As example, you play a multiplayer mission where one mission is in the middle. Move 2 fighters to the middle in basecontact and then play the card. So you could leave them for 2 or more rounds there and one gets the buff...

Gangs of Jokers / Skill illusion differences markus / kirril
« le: 25 Mars 2017 à 02:02:21 »
Hey i got markus from the kickstarter.
I was planing to play him, as i thought it is kirril with a bit different skillset.
But i found something strange at the skill illusion at markus.

Lets start with kirril:
Bla bla bla, in addition, each time you must bet sp against your opponent, you are the winner if you bet as much as he does.

Bla bla bla, in addition, each time you must bet sp against your opponent, you are the winner if none bet sp.

So what is correct? I guess there is only one correct, because the skill has the same name...
I hope its kirril, because if its markus the skill received a big nerf (so i wont play any of them...)


I have a short question about the profile. In french the card says 2 physical, in english the card says 1 physical.

Another short question about the compressor: french says 1/round, english says 2/game

What is correct?

General / Incapacitating = handycap?
« le: 11 Juillet 2016 à 19:54:33 »
I get the new errata cards in english. Askaris grenade launcher and the yellow geisha have the rule incapacitating (1). The grenade launcher card was with handycap before. Is it the same skill and only a translation problem or is it a new skill?
Doesn't find the skill in my rulebook...

Thanks for your help

Introduction / Eden in Germany and some Questions
« le: 14 Avril 2016 à 21:41:44 »
Hey we started eden in our club in Stuttgart some month ago.
Eden is one of the best tt i played yet. I really like the game mechanics and i think the balance between the factions is really great. So i bought isc, joker, askaris and horde completly.
We also play a lot multiplayer games. For 3 ppl its great. For 4 ppl its good, but 75 points is to low for isc and askaris in my oppinion.

I just saw the new figures and missions in the april release. I will buy the new isc and the new horde model for sure but i have some questions.
1. Is the new mission in english also with the big deep?
2. Olya v2 is great but i have v1 already. Is there a new character card with new stats or skills or is it just a design update?
3. Dgin turrets and ancient artefacts have are again available. I own both already. Is the new multiplayer mission also in english?
4. Will the .pdf be updated with the new figures?

Greez Bernie

PS: My english is bad, but i do not speak French...

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