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General / Re : Errata 2019 - General Stats
« le: 06 Août 2019 à 17:03:18 »
Hi Bwaaaane,

i make an example:

if you compare a 50 Point figure with a 25 Point figure, the 50 Point figure should be double as good as the 25 Point figure. why should i Play a 50 Point figure if i could get twice as much Actions, more lifepoints and nearly the same stats? yes there are some very few skills only available with the expensive figures, but the most skills are also on cheaper figures.

what i wanted to Point out is that at the Moment you are better with more average figures than with less and expensive figures...

hope this helps to understand.

and again i do not want to criticise, i just want to Point out how i see the game :-)


if i am at home, i could look for a real example.

General / Errata 2019 - General Stats
« le: 06 Août 2019 à 16:20:03 »
Hello community,

I've been thinking a lot about Eden these past few days. I'm not a mathematician or anything, but I can think mathematically relatively well.
That's why I wanted to approach Eden from a mathematical point of view.
A few things caught my eye relatively quickly and since you are doing errata, I thought it would be a good moment to share my thoughts with you. If and what you do with it is up to you.
Essentially, I'm concerned with the two topics Number of Actions and Stats (Health and Values PSY, CBT, VIG and SPD).

1) Number of actions:
Here I find the difference in general between three and four or more figures very enormous. If you have three figures with 3 AP each, you get 45 actions in one game. With four figures there are already 60 and with five figures 75 Actions and so on.
I noticed that there aren't many expensive figures in the factions that can access a fourth action.
This means you could "spam" cheap figures and overwhelm your opponent.

2) Stats:
First of all I want to talk about the number of life points. For figures that cost 20 to 25 points, there are usually 5 life points in CBT and VIG and 4 life points in PSY and 4 to 5 in SPD.
At 10 to 15 points normally 1 life point less is available.
At 30+ there is usually 0-1 more life point.
Now we come to the distribution of white and red.
With most figures the first 3 life points are white and the remaining are red.
In general this leads to the fact that all figures, independent of what they cost, collapse after 3 damages in one body part.
Now we come to the values in PSY, CBT, VIG and SPD. Here I differentiate between stats that are relevant for the fight (CBT, VIG and SPD) and PSY.
At 20 to 25 points there is usually only one or two value over 4.
At 10 to 15 points, most figures have only 4 or a 5 and a 3.
At 30+ there are some pieces with a higher value than 5 (CBT 7 for example) or two or more 5s.

-A faction is strongest if you have many combinations to get 4+ figures, because with four figures the stats are best on average and I have relatively many actions (compared to 3 figures) and better stats than with five or more figures. If I started with Eden today, I would start with Bamaka (only because of the stats, not because of the skills).
-Figures that cost 30+ need more action in my eyes than at the moment or more sustainability.
I can't understand why a figure with a red value has two less (here the break-in is usually too strong, especially with expensive figures). An example would be VIG 5 to 3.
-I would wish that cheap figures only have 1 or 2 white life points.

-->I think there are four ways to Balance the Difference:
1) Give better VIG to expensive figures (like 5 or 4 and armor or agil (-1CBT for attacks) and inferior to cheaper ones (VIG 3-4)
2) Give more Lifepoints to expensive figures and less to cheaper ones
3) Give more Actions to expensive figures and take away the Bonus Actions from cheap ones
4) Give +5cm movement to expensive figures and less to cheap ones or remove them.

Please understand this not as criticism (if I didn't like Eden, I would play something else), but as feedback. It should show you that also outside of France and Belgium the players are very attached to the game and think about it.
I hope I won't get kicked out of the forum now :-)


PS: I will try to make a Tier list like in Moba's if possible :-)

Translated with

Stats (only faction profiles used!)
Value                        50   40   35   30   25   20   15   10   5   0
PSY (W)                    4,25   6,55   4,97   4,39   3,74   2,98   2,02   1,52   1,13   1,75
PSY  (R)                  2,00   5,91   4,03   3,20   2,51   2,06   1,37   1,08   0,75   1,75
Lifepoints (W+R)   5,25   4,82   4,58   4,65   4,49   4,32   3,98   3,48   3,75   2,25
White                        3,25   3,55   2,87   2,76   2,59   2,31   2,33   2,08   2,13   2,25
Red                            2,00   1,27   1,71   1,90   1,90   2,01   1,65   1,40   1,63   0,00
CBT (W)                    7,00   5,82   5,68   5,02   4,74   4,23   3,94   3,52   2,75   2,88
CBT  (R)                  5,00   5,27   4,48   3,84   3,62   3,32   3,04   2,40   2,00   2,88
Lifepoints (W+R)   6,00   5,27   5,19   5,24   5,07   4,98   4,80   4,24   4,13   1,75
White                        3,75   3,82   3,68   3,47   3,02   2,79   2,71   2,24   2,38   1,75
Red                            2,25   1,45   1,52   1,78   2,05   2,19   2,08   2,00   1,75   0,00
VIG (W)                     4,75   4,27   4,29   4,16   4,08   4,02   3,82   3,12   3,00   3,75
VIG  (R)                   4,00   4,00   3,65   3,45   3,25   3,24   3,12   2,24   2,38   3,75
Lifepoints (W+R)   6,50   5,55   5,35   5,37   5,08   5,04   4,82   4,32   4,25   1,75
White                        4,25   4,27   3,94   3,76   3,36   3,30   3,20   2,76   2,88   1,75
Red                            2,25   1,27   1,42   1,61   1,72   1,74   1,61   1,56   1,38   0,00
SPD (W)                    4,50   4,64   4,61   4,73   4,61   4,17   3,88   3,56   3,75   3,50
SPD (R)                   3,25   4,00   3,94   3,65   3,44   3,17   3,02   2,64   2,63   3,50
Lifepoints (W+R)   6,25   5,27   4,97   4,90   4,85   4,79   4,45   4,16   4,00   2,25
White                        4,25   3,73   3,42   2,96   2,79   2,61   2,57   2,32   2,25   2,25
Red                            2,00   1,55   1,55   1,94   2,07   2,18   1,88   1,84   1,75   0,00

Dante's Angels / Re : Errata 2019 - Dantes
« le: 31 Juillet 2019 à 14:35:40 »
nah i guess your english is better than mine. i translated it in german and tryed to understand it xD

i really appriciate the communication with you, feels like being a part of the community, no matter the language barrier :-)


Dante's Angels / Re : Errata 2019 - Dantes
« le: 31 Juillet 2019 à 13:30:25 »
new try for lamas:

2) Lamas :
- Insignificant: Becomes "When an enemy fighter performs an engagement action, he may not complete his movement
in contact with Lamas only if he cannot contact any of your other fighters, or if Lamas does not become the target
of this commitment. In addition, Lamas is never considered the closest enemy fighter at the time of the
determination of valid targets for an attack at shooting range, unless it is the only fighter meeting this criterion."

so you could not Charge directly. You could Charge another fighter and get als in base contact with her (same rule as we Play right now). But if you say you Charge, and there is no other fighter in range you could Charge her (big nerv!). Lamas is also no valid target for ranged Action, except she is the only fighter in range (also a big nerv!).
So if you walk around an Position a fighter that lamas is the only fighter in range for a Charge, you could Charge her or attack her with range weapon right?


The Hord / Re : Errata 2019 - Horde
« le: 31 Juillet 2019 à 13:17:00 »
ah ok then this is a nerv to the scevenger. but this is ok i guess. i will try it out.
i like the changes to not easy get to VIG 6. So the butcher changes are ok.
here the most Players try to get ATK 5 or more because with ATK 4 you will be dodged all the time (the reason why i stoped playing Jokers...) so the most will have ATK 5 and maybe, only maybe a fighter with more than 5...

i ll try the new butcher as soon as possible :-)

Askaris / Re : Errata 2019 - Askaris
« le: 31 Juillet 2019 à 13:03:40 »
ah ok so Tarik could never give a fighter one more Action. better than i thought, but not so good as before but i lthink it is better than i expected :-)
i only used neuro on jannisary so i only payed 1 SP each round to get 1 AP. but i will test it :-)

why is Close combat with adrenaline priceless? you get 1 ap and a slowdown token. so 1 more Action but you could still only attack 2 times...

all together i like the changes :-) and thanks for the reply!

Dante's Angels / Errata 2019 - Dantes
« le: 31 Juillet 2019 à 12:09:46 »
just the Translation ( Because i do not Play dantes no comments from my side :-)

1) Special rules Angels of Dantes :
- Becomes "The Seraphim:
The Seraphim are the emblematic leaders of the Angels of Dante. Thus a band of Dante's Angels must include at least one
seraphim type combatant and the chief of the band must have this type.
If a Seraphim does not have a Motorcycle, it is considered that it does not have the Seraphim type for the resolution of the effects of
special capabilities and Tactical maps.
Motorcycles :
Seraphim ride powerful motorcycles and are experts in the art of driving these terrible machines from the past. These
fighters therefore have a particular equipment, named after a capital sin and having the category Moto/X.
A motorcycle is considered a member of the seraphim who follows the normal rules affecting other members. However,
it is not linked to any characteristics.
When all the PCs of the motorcycle are checked, the seraphim is not put out of action, but it is considered that it no longer has
the Seraphin type for resolving the effects of special abilities and Tactical maps. However, as long as the bike has
at least one PC not checked, the seraphim moves 5 cm more for any action requiring movement.
Finally, the X value of the motorcycle represents its power and manoeuvrability. When setting up your band, choose and
assign this seraphim 2 Maneuver cards. These cards represent the special capabilities of the motorcycle. Every time I do
that you activate the seraphim, just at the beginning of its activation, you can discard only one of its Maneuver cards.
Apply the effects of this card if the motorcycle has at least X PCs unchecked (X being equal to the Motorcycle/X value of the
Seraphim. At all times, the Maneuver cards of the seraphim in your band must be different. »
2) Lamas :
- Insignificant: Becomes "When an enemy combatant performs an engagement action, he may not complete his movement
in contact with Lamas only if he cannot contact any of your other fighters, or if Lamas does not become the target
of this commitment. In addition, Lamas is never considered the closest enemy combatant at the time of the
determination of valid targets for an attack at shooting range, unless it is the only combatant meeting this criterion.".
25) Experimental Fuel:
- Becomes: "Tactics - First round. Discard all Maneuver cards associated with an Allied fighter of your choice.
Assign new Manoeuvre cards to this fighter in accordance with the normal card allocation rules
Maneuvering. ».
13) Nabam :
- Modification: copy Hildegarde's profile (convoy) with special stygmata rule can not be recruited in a band
in which Hildegarde is also recruited.

Gangs of Jokers / Errata 2019 - Jokers
« le: 31 Juillet 2019 à 11:56:46 »
here the Translation ( for Jokers:

i do not know what Capa should be...

11) Josep & Svetlana :
- Modification: PSY 4/3
-->good Change :-)

- Delete: acrobats
-->no more tumbler ;-(

- Addition: capa "Unseizable (passive): When Josep & Svetlana are the target of an attack, their opponent must spend 2
succeeds instead of one to change the result of the location roll by 1 point. In addition, it may not increase by more than one
the result of this roll, nor reduce it.
-->nice new skill

- Modification: limitation 1/game of the alcohol to be burned becomes "1/turn".

- Added: 1 PC white feet

12) Svetlana:
- Deletion: acrobats
-->see above

- Addition: capa "Unseizable (passive): When Svetlana is the target of an attack, their opponent must spend 2 successes in the
instead of one to change the result of the location roll by 1 point. In addition, it may not increase the
as a result of this roll, nor reduce it.
-->see above

- Added: capa "Agile"

- Amendment: RAP 5/4

Overall good changes, i ll miss the tumbler skill :-)

The Hord / Errata 2019 - Horde
« le: 31 Juillet 2019 à 11:43:53 »

here the translated ( Errata 2019 for Horde:

- Fury 1: Modify "not having any red checked PCs" to "having at least one white unchecked PC".
- Fury 3: Change "difficulty 6" to "difficulty 5".
-->fine for me, bayakoye is really strong anyways

15) Scavenger:
- Flight: Becomes "When the Scavenger makes a move, he ignores the fighters and the scenery on the ground.
In addition, if the Scavenger is free and is not in contact with a mission objective (marker or area), no fighter
may not finish moving an engagement action in contact with him, unless the Scavenger is not the target
of this commitment. »
- Modification: RAP : 4/3
-->i do not see a nerv... i see a buff. so you could Charge another fighter and get in base contact with the scavenger. yes this is a nerv, but now he is still flying after getting a Mission what buffs him a lot. and you could still use him to block...

3) Dogue:
- Addition: "Pack (passive): You can recruit up to 2 copies of Chitinous Dogs into your gang if a tamer
is also recruited into your gang. In addition, if you play more than one Chitinous Dog in a band, a
only one of them is counted to determine the number of SPs during the preparation phase. »
-->good Change :-)

4) Varan :
- Modification: VIG change to 3/2
- Modification: RAP change to 5/4
- Modification: "The Blue Varan wins a bonus of +1 CBT until the end of the round" by "The Blue Varan can move up to 5 cm more for each of his actions requiring a movement until the end of the turn".
--> i do not like VIG 3 models, but +5cm move was needed for Horde. but why give him +5cm move and 4 ap?

16) The Butcher:
- Modification: PSI 4/3
- Insatiable: Replace:" having a CBT greater than or equal to its own" with" having a CBT strictly greater than its own."
- Addition: capa "Vicious (passive): The Butcher ignores the fighters present on the ground when he carries out a
travel or engagement. He may end a movement action in contact with an opposing combatant but he may not
not, however, to finish a move on one or more fighters."
-->i think this is a nerv, not a buff. yes he could move through fighters but there are so many fighters with ATK 5 and he will not get a VIG 6 against them anymore...

Again good changes, i think the scavenger is much better than before and i personal do not like the Change for the butcher but i can understand why you did this :-)


Askaris / Errata 2019 - Askaris
« le: 31 Juillet 2019 à 11:32:55 »
i translated the Errata 2019 in english (

I know there is a thread for Feedback, but because i am not sure i understand all right, i put some threads in the english Forum... hope this is fine :-)

So here are some questions and thoughts about askaris:

6) Askaris special rules :
- Modify "During the preparation phase, just after the determination of the first player" to "At the time of the formation of its band".
--> completely fine, this means you cannot Counter your Opponent list (was really strong!)

7) Hassan :
- Parietal impregnation: Becomes "Active (1/turn)": discard 2 tactical cards from your hand. In return, designate a fighter located 15cm or less from Hasan (Hasan can be designated). The next action the fighter will perform this turn will be free of cost.
-->does it Count to the Maximum attack/move per round? or could use this to attack 3 times for example?
- Gene purification: Becomes "At the beginning of the round, just after the determination of the first player you can discard a tactical card of your hand. If you do so, choose a fighter 15cm or less from Hasan (Hasan may be designated). This fighter ignores the side effects of his upgrade cards until the end of the turn.
--> ok but i think noone will use it anymore because 1 tacticcard is to expensive (SP would be fine i guess)

8) Fahim :
- Steroidal apoptosis: Becomes "Active (1 AP, 1/game)": Discard 3 tactical cards from your hand. In return, designate a Slave or Fierce Beast type fighter located 10 cm or less from Fahim. This fighter wins a bonus of +2 in PSI, CBT, VIG and RAP until the beginning of the next intendance phase. During the next intendance phase, remove it of the field. He is considered to have been put out of action by the opponent.
-->ok, i guess 2 Cards would be better, because now the buff is not so strong and you could still not use the 2 extra attacks because all fierce beasts and slaves (exept 1 slave) are above CBT 5...

9) Avella:
- Modification: RAP : 5/4
-->totally fine. Almeh stays as she was right?

10) Neuro-Spinal loop:
- Redesign: "At the beginning of the game, put two Adrenaline chips on the Neuro-Spinal loop At the beginning of the round, before the determination of the First Player, you can remove an Adrenaline counter from the Neuro-Spinal loop. If you do so on the improved fighter immediately wins 1PA, but will not be able to benefit from the effects of the "Adrenaline" tactical card this round.
Side effect: if the improved fighter is Janissary type, you must spend 1 additional SP to play your tactical cards.”
-->sorry but this is a realy bad redesign. first i think 3 adrenaline Chips would be fair but this change makes Tarik way to strong and the other janissary to weak. right now, only janissary can realy use the neuro spinal Loop, because for most of them you have 9 dice to roll a 6 and pay 1 SP. you do not use the neuro on ifrit for exapmle, because you only have 3 dice and you must pay too much sp to get a safe AP (PA). with the new neuro, i can use it on all Askari who have Access to 2 mental and with Tarik i could get 2 Actions a round on one of them or 1 Action on any askaris. i guess the new OP list is Tarik, Wanashab and Sharir after this errata...

11) Lance-Grenade Greffon:
- Redesign: "The improved fighter wins the following equipment:
Bioluminescent grenade launcher (Jet/Tech): Range (15), Explosive (0), 1/turn
In addition, the improved fighter gains the following special abilities:
Flash Grenade (passive): Each time a fighter is affected by the effects of the bioluminescent grenade launcher equipment, they could not draw a valid line of sight until the end of the turn.
Toxic Grenade (passive): The explosion template used during a jet attack with Lance-Grenade equipment bioluminescent is left on the table until the end of the game. If more than one such template is present in the field, remove it until there's only one left. In addition, combatants located even partially under this gauge may not use special ability to act. The capacity for action conferred by the missions is not affected by this effect. »
-->so no more slowdown... i liked the slowdown but it is fine if you think it is too strong. because there are way more permanent then Action abilities i am not sure if the toxic is usefull...

1) Ifrit ::
- Add: capa "Close Combat": Each time the Ifrit makes a close combat attack, transfer a state counter possessed by the Ifrit to the target of its attack immediately after the target of that attack has been designated.
- Addition: capa "Kerosene (passive): Burn counters are not removed during the intendance phase. In addition, during the resolution of a Burn counter, the protection value (Pr) of the equipment of all fighters located at 15cm or less from the Ifrit is reduced by 1."
- Added: capa "Fireproof (passive): During the Intendence phase, during the step of solving the effects of the burn counters, roll 1D6 less to determine the wounds inflicted by the burn markers on the Ifrit. »
--> ok i will still not Play him after the buff, he is the only Askari with fire...

2) Askaris Warrior:
- Modification: Change from thresholds to X=1, X=2 and X=3
- Modification: "number of enemy combatants (excluding CNJ)" to "number of combatants of an opponent of your choice".
- Modification: "Askari Warrior receives a bonus of +1 RAP" by "Askari Warrior can re-roll once each time 1 obtained on each of its characteristic rolls".
-->also fine, now he is no Monster in multiplayer and could be played in one on one...

I realy like the errata exept the neuro-spinal Loop. good work!!!


Askaris / Re : Aicha
« le: 30 Juillet 2019 à 14:47:44 »
Thanks :-)

Askaris / Aicha
« le: 30 Juillet 2019 à 14:30:50 »

two questions about the Aicha:

1) Physiological control (3 Cards charge): ...he performs a free charge... so does this charge count to the 2 attacks maximum each round?

2) instinctive reaction (1 Card dodge): she could not target herself right?


General / Handsymbol / Action Abilities
« le: 30 Juillet 2019 à 14:19:33 »

when could i use Action Abilities (Handsymbol)?

for example:

I charge an enemy with my Masakh Askari and want to use the sweeping blow twice.
Could i use the skill sweeping blow at the Moment i am in base contact with the enemy or only after the attack is solved?

1) Charge (move) -> sweeping blow -> sweeping blow -> attack (Charge)
2) Charge (move+attack) -> sweeping blow -> sweeping blow

Thanks Bernie

Dante's Angels / Re : Lamas
« le: 24 Juillet 2019 à 16:22:19 »
Thanks :-)

i guessed it works, but i was not 100% sure...

Dante's Angels / Re : Lamas
« le: 24 Juillet 2019 à 15:49:47 »

short question:

Lamas is in 5 cm to a Seraph. I Charge the Seraph with my askaris 5cm base Modell and end up in base contact with lamas and the Seraph. My Charge is against the Seraph, but after the Charge i am in base contact with the Seraph (so he is not free any more) and in base contact with lames. Can i now attack lamas with my second attack?


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