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News / Burn Out
« le: 31 Mars 2017 à 13:59:48 »
Thank you guys. Saw the video, pretty intriguing to be honest

News / Burn Out
« le: 30 Mars 2017 à 13:10:07 »
Could someone give me some info regarding what exactly Burn Out will be?

General / Movement/charge question
« le: 11 Mars 2017 à 18:37:34 »
Thank you for your detailed explanation.

General / Movement/charge question
« le: 11 Mars 2017 à 09:55:27 »
Must the charge be in a straight line?
Also, for an engaged model which wants to move, if it fails the SPD roll but the models engaging it don't have AP to attack it, what happens then? Does it lose the movement action?
And finally, what are the effects of corrosion?

General / Rules for multiplayer games
« le: 21 Février 2017 à 15:14:11 »
Thank you. the downloadable PDF does not include the multiplayer rules

General / Rules for multiplayer games
« le: 21 Février 2017 à 11:12:56 »
What I can;t find out is where every player deploys

General / Rules for multiplayer games
« le: 21 Février 2017 à 09:56:14 »
Any idea where can I find them?

General / Occupation/1
« le: 14 Février 2017 à 14:56:10 »
This starts to be more clear now. So, a fence used as an obstacle, does not begin with occupation rule. I can give it the occupation rule with altalun, and as long as I have one model B2B with the fence, the models can pass through the fence? Or with a car as an example, following the same process, Altalun can land on it? Did I get it or I am still miles away?

General / Occupation/1
« le: 14 Février 2017 à 11:23:46 »
Thanks for the quick replies guys. It seems that the problem is that I still haven't found the way to take advantage of these abilities. I would appreciate if you could give me some examples of scenery that don't have the Occupation rule, and so, with these abilities they will do so.
And, if possible, please help me understand Knowledge of the Steppes, sentence by sentence:
"At the beginning of the round choose a scenery on the field. This scenery earns the special quality Occupation until the end of the round" : So, Altalun, chooses a scenery which hadn't the occupation rule, and give it to it. Does this apply for all models? Or only Altalun can take advantage of the Occupation rule it gave to the scenery?

"However, from the end of the round, this scenery keeps this special quality if a fighter is in contact with it" : So, a player can keep the occupation rule to the scenery, if it has a model in contact with the scenery, right?

"No fighter can be placed in this scenery, unless it already has the special Quality Occupation when it is placed on the scenery": Now, here is where I am completely lost. Since Altalun made the scenery Occupation, why nobody can enter it?
Thanks in advance and forgive me for my dumb questions

General / Occupation/1
« le: 14 Février 2017 à 09:55:50 »
Kubilai's Workman gives a scenery the Occupation/1 rule. But what exactly is the /1 to the Occupation rule?
Also could someone explain me the Knowledge of the Steppes ability of Altalun?
Finally, can all tactical cards be played by every faction(knowing that some of them boost specific faction)?

Introduction / Re : Curious about Eden
« le: 29 Août 2016 à 15:35:32 »
Thanks guys for the great help
One more, not so important: how is the multiplayer mode?

Introduction / Re : Curious about Eden
« le: 29 Août 2016 à 11:00:29 »
Thanks for the reply. Allow me a couple of more questions:

Is there mobility or once the models are engaged it then depends on the dice rolls? How deep is the strategy/tactic decisions you have to take? I read the rules and while there seem to be some amazing mechanics in here, I am a little skeptical about if it is closer to a board game than a skirmish wargame - what is your opinion about this? And finally, why do you thing the game is not that popular?

Thanks in advance for your time

Introduction / Re : Curious about Eden
« le: 29 Août 2016 à 10:12:55 »
I am ready to try Eden too, but before I would like to make a couple of questions:

1) How is the game regarding balance between the factions?
2) Is there enough synergy between the models?
3) What is the ideal warband size(is the 100 points limit a standard?)?

Thanks in advance

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