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Introduction / Eden in Germany and some Questions
« le: 13 Novembre 2017 à 19:59:37 »
I thank both of you very much for the quick and perfect answers. Merci beaucoup!

Introduction / Eden in Germany and some Questions
« le: 13 Novembre 2017 à 11:35:15 »
Bonjour à tous,
hello together,
hallo zusammen,

I started to play EDEN with a friend of mine some time ago and we are trying to “recruit” more players in our tabletop-group and even friendly player-groups in our area. The area I talk about is Bavaria in Germany. We are going to present the game on our upcoming Gaming Day and really try to bring EDEN to the people.
My main gang is Convoy. Well, I studied cartography and I am from Bavaria… I had to choose them! But I love their playstyle and that “Mad-Max” look too. So, my first questions refer to translations and basic understanding of character-cards from Convoy. Maybe some of them can be answered here, for further questions in future I think I will post on “Rules and Strategy” topic.

1)   Otto: He is stated as an “Escort” kind of fighter. He is the only one of the convoy characters. Should he not be “Guardian”?
2)   Friedrich: “Insatiable”: Is that +1 VIG bonus always referred to the basic characteristic of a fighter, or also to the modified characteristic of the opponent (for example bonus of Vassiliev “double strike”).
3)   Jeremias: His special ability should be “Hide” instead of “Cache”, right?
4)   Leo: “Good dog” refers to “Escort”. Same problem like explained with Otto. Makes more sense if it refers to “Guardian” for me.
5)   Mark: “Wolf trap”. What if the opponent fighter has a mount (for example unicicle). Does he also suffer a wound in the leg, or gets the bike checked for one point? Additionally in equipment, the “pui(2)” should be replaced with “Str(2)”.
6)   Erhard: Is it true that in contrary to “First Aid”, the ability “Medi-Kit” is not usable on Erhard himself?
7)   Special rules of the convoy: Should “Escort” be replaced by “Guardian”? I am not very sure about what does “mostly composed of” mean. If I field 3 Tracker, 2 Guardian and 2 Conveyor, the tracker has a higher number than guardian or conveyor, but not the highest number in total. So, if I consider “number of fighters”, I think I do not get the bonus, right? If I field 2 Tracker, 2 Guardian and 1 Conveyor, can I choose the bonus of Tracker?
8)   In general: If a mount (like unicycle) is completely checked, do additional hits in location 5 or 6 have no effect or do the legs get hit (the location 4). I guess, they have no effect unless I relocate and pay with hits until I get to the legs.

If you want, I am willing to help with translations into German language too, not only Convoy, but maybe all EDEN cards. But to be able, I thought it might make sense to have a 100% correct English version of the cards. Please don’t get me wrong, this should not be an “smart-ass” post, I just want to make EDEN more accessible for new players. Sorry for the long post but I really hope you can help me here. I hope you are able to understand my issues, English is not my native language.

Salutations, Best regards, Schöne Grüße,

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