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News / Re : En juin y'a rien ... en juillet/août y'a tout!!
« le: 17 Juillet 2018 à 23:29:23 »
It's a new starter, for the 4th matriarchy order : the white order.
It's a new starter, for the 4th matriarchy order : the white order.
Ooh la la! 😍

News / Re : En juin y'a rien ... en juillet/août y'a tout!!
« le: 17 Juillet 2018 à 20:47:52 »
2 sisters and a non-slave, does this mean there will be a new matriarchy starter, or are they all separate releases?

News / Re : Burn Out
« le: 11 Février 2018 à 00:10:07 »
Is there any update on the delivery of the Kickstarter?
I’ve seen lots of posts on Facebook about deliveries, but nothing from backers outside France.

General / Incapacitating (1) ?
« le: 14 Septembre 2017 à 22:26:18 »
Is this the same as the "handicapped" status that the askaris grenade launcher gives?
I'm assuming the French version is "retard", which could be translated as slow or handicapped/disabled.

News / It's Back... War is coming!
« le: 14 Septembre 2017 à 22:20:14 »
Excellent, time for the matriarchy to crush the askaris again.

General / Wired Reflexes vs Wired Reflexes
« le: 07 Mai 2017 à 21:34:47 »
Bonjour a tout.
Can anyone explain what happens in the following situation?
Sister Kandjara charges the Carmin Onryo.
The Onryo tries to hit Kandjara first, but both fighters have Wired Reflexes.
Who hits first, the Kandjara or the Onryo?
Do we both need to perform an opposed roll instead as if neither fighter had the ability?

General / "To the opposite" query
« le: 15 Janvier 2017 à 16:44:30 »
Yes, he has to go to "6 o'clock". But if he cannot move 10cm (because of a scenery or table edge), he can "slip" to another direction when he reach this obstruction.
Excellent, you anticipated my next question :)
Thanks all.

General / "To the opposite" query
« le: 14 Janvier 2017 à 22:57:06 »
Merci monsieur.
Does the movement have to be on the same vector?
Think about the angle of attack using a clock-face.
The Kitsune is charged from 12 o'clock, does it have to move in the direction of 6 o'clock?
Or can it move to 3' 'clock, 4, o'clock etc?

General / "To the opposite" query
« le: 14 Janvier 2017 à 20:11:30 »
Hi all, I have a query about the wording "to the opposite" on English language cards, "l'opposé" en Franciais  ;)
The Grey Kitsune's dodge ability and the new Joker girl's shock ability both include the wording "to the opposite". What does this mean, as in English it doesn't really make sense.
Does it mean, move X directly away from the Kitsune/Joker girl?

« le: 27 Novembre 2016 à 22:18:33 »
Sculpts and rules please  ;D
I can't wait to get hold of these...

News / Re : Octobre ... Here we go again !
« le: 15 Septembre 2016 à 22:12:45 »
A slave SVP

News / Re : Eden on Beast of War
« le: 30 Juin 2016 à 08:38:11 »
I didn't know that was Berf in the videos!
By the way, the videos have been useful in attracting some new players locally. Now we need to persuade Element Games to start selling Eden...

Zut alors, formidable, ooh la la, c'est magnifique, etc, etc.
Really nice work on the objectives, especially the scratch-built wind turbines and water purifier.

Allo allo! Two more Matriarchy done, more black sisters to follow...

Figurines / Re : Askaris by chis
« le: 05 Août 2015 à 21:11:46 »
Good to see you made it at last  ;)

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