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Auteur Sujet: Expanding the starter: Nephilim  (Lu 7923 fois)


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Expanding the starter: Nephilim
« le: 03 Juillet 2015 à 11:50:54 »

In the course of introducing people to Eden, I'm often asked about what to buy - for us foreigners, especially in Australia, the shipping is high so people generally want to jump in and get free shipping. And so, it isn't unusual for new players to look at the most efficient expansions to the starters. With that in mind I thought I would write a little 'guide' for each faction (eventually) to help guide new players to make the most out of their money...

What I want to do is, for each faction, identify the 'best buys' generally and also highlight the single 'best' expansion to the starter. I'll accompany this with some discussion about the starters.

What is in the Nephilim starter

The Nephilim starter is comprised of Yg'Faris, Ar'Gamon, Yu'Silaa and Bo'Dagun. As a group, these include some great profiles but none that I'd describe as mandatory to the Nephilim. You'll definitely use these guys, but it is possible to build compositions without them too.

The starter is centred around Ar'Gamon's fearsome combat abilities. There are very few models in the game that can fight him: combined with Yg'Faris's Numerical Prayer ability, he can one round virtually any model in the game. The Nephilim also have a lot of abilities that mitigate randomness - rerolls, changing die results, etc - but in exchange they don't have any ability to inflict negative status effects on opposing fighters.

The Nephilim starter is also characterised by the low VIG values of both Yg'Faris and Yu'Silaa. These guys are very vulnerable to burns and can die fast when hit. Yg'Faris' Discrete and Perfect Defense abilities give him more staying power than VIG3 would imply, but keep him well away from anything with CBT6 (or higher - against that, both dodge and reaction aren't likely to get you out of trouble). I'd steer well clear of Moloch from the Dante's Angels also: that gun is a death sentence to VIG3 supports that rely on dodging.

All of the starter models offer something useful. Master Yg'Faris is a solid leader and has decent offensive stats - SPD5 and CBT5. He's more than capable of taking on most models, but be careful - real combat characters can hit through his dodges and when they do, it'll hurt. Numerical Prayer adds a lot of reliability to Ar'Gamon.

Bo'Dagun is another solid profile. Importantly he can instantly remove chaff with his net. Beyond that, he has solid combat stats and is able to punch through armour.

Ar'Gamon is fascinating to me because despite being among the most fearsome fighters in the game, he's often sidelined by the other big Nephilim, Hk'Hyudn. There are essentially no fighters in the game that /want/ to risk mixing it up with the big guy. The thing to be careful of is massed attacks - but with VIG5, you can play tactics like Serum to keep him safe enough for passive responses to attacks. Anything that can lower VIG or CBT, such as poison or effects that force wounded conditions, are also dangerous.

Yu'Silaa is the weak link in the starter but a perfectly playable profile. She's a shooter with a relatively weak, but long ranged weapon.  But that's not really her strength - her ability to deploy anywhere makes her good at grabbing mission objectives, especially when supported by her ability to have 6 speed when it matters. I think that there are three reasons why she's widely maligned:

1 - she's very easily killed. VIG3 is risky, especially on a piece that wants to deploy forward.
2 - she's very SP intensive. She's only adding 2 to your reserve but her abilities - the speed bonus and the location reroll - will cost you a lot very quickly if you want to make use of them. This compounds with the above: if you want to deploy her forward, safely, you need to make sure you bid aggressively in setup.
3 - for 5 points more, Ir'Klajh competes very strongly for her role. He's highly mobile, reasonably durable and with Violent Knock he can threaten the backline - something that Yu'Silaa jus can't do.

What one piece will add the most to the starter

Yu'Silaa is the piece I'd recommend replacing. That's a little awkward because the "best" Nephilim profiles don't fit in that spot. Nonetheless, she remains the best choice for replacement.

My recommendation is to replace Yu'Silaa with Master Ka'Yrkht. His profile is reasonably subtle but has a profound effect on games because of his synergy with Ar'Gamon. The key element is that Ka'Yrkht and Ar'Gamon force your opponent to make difficult choices in terms of missions. Importantly, Ka'Yrkht's TUAV ability can make it difficult for opponents to collect objectives while Ar'Gamon makes 'kill' missions very risky. He also adds three extra strategy points and Ruse allows you to play a little more freely with bids for initiative. These strategy points let you make full use of Yg'Faris' Prayer.

And then what...

The standout Nephilim profiles are Hk'Hyudn, Ir'Klajh and Yl'Tarkh.

I'd generally recommend Ir'Klajh as your next purchase as he can slot in Bo'Dagun's place - he isn't strictly an upgrade, but he will make the list play rather differently. Importantly, he can pick off or tie up support characters that threaten Ar'Gamon or Yg'Faris - Moloch again leaps to mind. A slightly above average attack with Violent Knock can conceivably one shot such a character, especially when re-rolling 1s.

Additionally, Hk'Hyudn and Yl'Tarkh are something of a 'pair': although they don't have to go together, Yl'Tarkh's ability to double dodge results makes Hk'Hyudn very hard to shift, not to mention layering defences by adding Hk'Hyudn's heals to dodges makes the whole composition tougher. I'd further recommend this order because if playing both Hk'Hyudn and Yl'Tarkh, it is easy to play overly defensively - Ir'Klajh allows you to play objective based missions and he can pick off annoying support pieces that hide in the backline.

I hope that helps! I look forward to questions, comments and feedback.
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Re : Expanding the starter: Nephilim
« Réponse #1 le: 03 Juillet 2015 à 12:01:46 »

Hey JMS,

Nice initiative you have here.
Having played Nephilim for a while i can only agree with you !

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Re : Expanding the starter: Nephilim
« Réponse #2 le: 03 Juillet 2015 à 12:09:05 »

Very nice job!
You have a clear view of the strengths and weaknesses of the Nephilim, I totally agree with your analyse.

If I had to pick only one 100 points list, I would choose:
Yg'Faris / Ir'Klajh / Hk'Hyudn / Bo'Dagun.

This list was played by Camthalion and his brother Bidule (both beta-testers and great players) in competitive tournaments with success.
For them (and I agree with them), this list is the most versatile, with the current models.

I personnally tested an other one, which is quite different:
Yg'Faris / Ir'Klajh / Ar'Gamon / Ka'Yrkth.
Same base: Yg'Faris and Ir'Klajh. I do not know how to play Nephilim without them.
Then Ar'Gamon because he is really dangerous, and Ka'Yrkht to prevent your opponent playing a token based mission. It works well, but if you lose Ar'Gamon to soon, it is really difficult to win.
Ka'Yrkth should not be played by newbies, though, it is quite hard to master...

Well, I hope it helps a little, I'll try to give you my opinion as often as possible!
Nice to see that Eden spreads to other countries! :)

PS: sorry for my poor english, but french people are not very good with foreign languages... ;)
I hope you could understand what I tried to say!
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Re : Expanding the starter: Nephilim
« Réponse #3 le: 03 Juillet 2015 à 12:32:24 »

It's very interesting to read you !
Your analysis is very good.

I hope you'll have fun with the Nephilim, it's a very good faction, with a lot of fun !

We want read more  ;)
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Re : Expanding the starter: Nephilim
« Réponse #4 le: 03 Juillet 2015 à 12:36:55 »

Your English is excellent, Nedzegob! Far better than my French! Your feedback is greatly appreciated - as is yours, Aybarra!

I like both of the lists you suggest - I prefer Yl'Tarkh over Bo'Dagun personally, though. I agree about how important Ir'Klahj is - I tried the list without him and I definitely struggled. He makes the Nephs work for sure. Having said that, I think Master K is the better option if you're only buying a single piece: yu'silaa is definitely the best one to leave home.

I take your point about Master K being complicated. But I think Yu'silaa is even more difficult to play for a new player - she's very easy to lose if you don't know what you're doing.
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