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Auteur Sujet: Tournament missions pack  (Lu 1510 fois)

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Tournament missions pack
« le: 11 Décembre 2018 à 16:25:22 »

The beta tester team finalized the list of the first 16 'tournament' missions. All these become generic and will be those playable in regular tournament!

Other missions will be balanced and updated later in the year. We'll provide a new wave every 6 months. This frequency allows testers to take the time to do things right. Of course, faction missions will be part of these cards, they've been an essential element of Eden since the beginning and we stick to it!

The team will print these cards to form a set that will be on sale on the website, and will also give a download link to these updated cards.

But we can already give you a list of these first 16 Missions:
The ancient artifacts, The excavations, Reign of fear,
Blood altar , The pure spring, Land protection,
Capture, The path of the samurai, Ambush,
The trap, Exploration, Four winds,
The territory, The traitor, Punitive raid,
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