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Bienvenue sur le forum officiel d'EDEN !

Auteur Sujet: ISC Henro, Daimyo, Green Youkaï, Onryo  (Lu 3433 fois)

De La Metallica

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ISC Henro, Daimyo, Green Youkaï, Onryo
« le: 07 Août 2016 à 23:24:11 »

Sry, my english is bad

Grey Daimyo - Perfect defense vs KAT 7 or more
have i allways 5 Dice for a Dodge or again KAT 7 only 4?

Grey Daimyo Advance combat protcol
can he get the AP to himself?

Blue Henro- Numeric prayer
can he use this dices or only other friendly modells?

Blue Henro - N.O.E. sanctuary
what is the meaning of "inside"? My Base completely on the card?

Onryo 20 Points - Phae singularity
I pay 3 SP and place this guy. Must i pay one AP to do the attack or is for free?

Green Youkaï - Cards in englisch?
For the Green youkai there are the rules in French with the downloads. Can anyone explain what she can do in english or german?
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Re : ISC Henro, Daimyo, Green Youkaï, Onryo
« Réponse #1 le: 08 Août 2016 à 00:21:47 »

Don't worry, my english isn't better than yours :D

- Yes, you still have 5 dices. Difficulty is down to 6 but wathever the rules, you have 5 dices.

- No, in EDEN, a model is never an ally of himself or in a radius of himself. Every rule which need a "ally drone" or "a model within Xcm" or both, the model which has this rule cannot be choose.

- Same answer as previous, he isn't in his radius, so he cannot use the numeric prayer dices. Only friendly models.

- In eden, when at least 1mm of your base is in a area, you are in this area. If you have to be "completly within" it's clearly said in the rule.

- You have to pay the AP because se phase singularity only allow you to do an attack action. If a rule give you an action for free it is clearly said ("a free attack action" or best "an attack action that not count on your total action per turn" like the grey shogun)

- Aaaand... I have no time to translate you the card in english tonight :(  In a nutshell, You have one youkaï, and you deploy as well the Incarnations (which cannot do your missions, only have 2 AP, and are not in your band - they don't give you SP-) The youkai can switch place with the Incarnations, or remove them to have definitive boost or heal. It's a very good 25pts model, and I will translate you the card but... I don't know when I got the time :(

And very happy to see German AI ! N.O.E. is proud of You ! :D
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Re : ISC Henro, Daimyo, Green Youkaï, Onryo
« Réponse #2 le: 08 Août 2016 à 09:44:57 »


Nice, 3 Modells with 7 AP for 25 Points will help. I wil buy a Youkaï Box.

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