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Auteur Sujet: Errata 2019 - Horde  (Lu 1777 fois)


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Errata 2019 - Horde
« le: 31 Juillet 2019 à 11:43:53 »


here the translated ( Errata 2019 for Horde:

- Fury 1: Modify "not having any red checked PCs" to "having at least one white unchecked PC".
- Fury 3: Change "difficulty 6" to "difficulty 5".
-->fine for me, bayakoye is really strong anyways

15) Scavenger:
- Flight: Becomes "When the Scavenger makes a move, he ignores the fighters and the scenery on the ground.
In addition, if the Scavenger is free and is not in contact with a mission objective (marker or area), no fighter
may not finish moving an engagement action in contact with him, unless the Scavenger is not the target
of this commitment. »
- Modification: RAP : 4/3
-->i do not see a nerv... i see a buff. so you could Charge another fighter and get in base contact with the scavenger. yes this is a nerv, but now he is still flying after getting a Mission what buffs him a lot. and you could still use him to block...

3) Dogue:
- Addition: "Pack (passive): You can recruit up to 2 copies of Chitinous Dogs into your gang if a tamer
is also recruited into your gang. In addition, if you play more than one Chitinous Dog in a band, a
only one of them is counted to determine the number of SPs during the preparation phase. »
-->good Change :-)

4) Varan :
- Modification: VIG change to 3/2
- Modification: RAP change to 5/4
- Modification: "The Blue Varan wins a bonus of +1 CBT until the end of the round" by "The Blue Varan can move up to 5 cm more for each of his actions requiring a movement until the end of the turn".
--> i do not like VIG 3 models, but +5cm move was needed for Horde. but why give him +5cm move and 4 ap?

16) The Butcher:
- Modification: PSI 4/3
- Insatiable: Replace:" having a CBT greater than or equal to its own" with" having a CBT strictly greater than its own."
- Addition: capa "Vicious (passive): The Butcher ignores the fighters present on the ground when he carries out a
travel or engagement. He may end a movement action in contact with an opposing combatant but he may not
not, however, to finish a move on one or more fighters."
-->i think this is a nerv, not a buff. yes he could move through fighters but there are so many fighters with ATK 5 and he will not get a VIG 6 against them anymore...

Again good changes, i think the scavenger is much better than before and i personal do not like the Change for the butcher but i can understand why you did this :-)

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Re : Errata 2019 - Horde
« Réponse #1 le: 31 Juillet 2019 à 12:42:46 »

The Fly rule is not really a nerv, it's just a re-wording. You always could engage it if another mini was too close. The down is only on the RAP, so you can more easily shoot him.
... But I'm pretty sure that we test a version where it lost "fly" when he get an token on it card... I'll check bwaaaane forgot it...

For the Butcher, we eradicated every tactic card which can gave you 6 VIG in the previous errata. Only some very spécific fighter still can have VIG 6 (Butcher, Ievgeni, Berserker...) and in all of them, butcher was the easiest to get this, even get à 7 VIG if he engage two fighters... so yes, it's a big down, but vicious+duel is a very good combo...
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Re : Errata 2019 - Horde
« Réponse #2 le: 31 Juillet 2019 à 13:00:09 »

15) Oh fuck! Well played, we worked hard to do a correct and undestandable wording on fly, I totally forgot to put the rule back for the lost of fly  :D :D.

# -------------------

4) Why not? That cost 3 furies on a 20pts model with VIG 3  ;D.

16) We give him the mobility that he missed so much. He can easely go lock a enemy fighter now. And easy VIG6 is cancer, so now it's a little harder to get it (and if that push meta to go on CBT 5 instead of constant CBT 6+, it's a good thing!).
To be honnest we didn't tryed it that way yet (i will do it quite soon). If he die too fast, we will perhaps add some PC... But i don't think we will roll back on that easy VIG6 : we really thing that it's more healthy for the game....

Again : thx for traduction and the review!
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Re : Errata 2019 - Horde
« Réponse #3 le: 31 Juillet 2019 à 13:17:00 »

ah ok then this is a nerv to the scevenger. but this is ok i guess. i will try it out.
i like the changes to not easy get to VIG 6. So the butcher changes are ok.
here the most Players try to get ATK 5 or more because with ATK 4 you will be dodged all the time (the reason why i stoped playing Jokers...) so the most will have ATK 5 and maybe, only maybe a fighter with more than 5...

i ll try the new butcher as soon as possible :-)
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Re : Errata 2019 - Horde
« Réponse #4 le: 11 Août 2019 à 07:04:08 »

I am pleased by your quick translations (and above all good translations) and good reviews!

That's great to see the job is understood and that's nice to read it's approved ^^.

Thanks for those reviews that could greatly help non french-spoken people!
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